Audio Production

Our variety of analogue gear and our experienced engineers will give your tracks the right color and character meeting the industry’s needs.Online services too. Just upload your tracks to our secure servers and we’ll take care of the rest

Music Production

Producing, composing, arranging are the fundamentals of a successful project. Our resident producers offer a great range of original music, guaranteed to serve and lift your ideas off. We dub your project with delicate guiding so that the result serves the project.We craft anything from complex cinematic soundtracks to short “jiggles” for your videos based on narrative and creative thinking. In our disposal we have workflows and exceptional talent to deliver the highest quality mix in a relaxed environment.

Post Production

Adding life to the screen with our Sound Design services. We and our partners deliver very demanding, creative sound designs to the highest standards. With a huge collection of sound effects and music libraries, we can create the perfect sound design for every project.

Voice-Over / ADR

Our built for purpose booth provides the right acoustics and environment for our diverse pool of actors to add the words to your story.

Studio Space Hire

Our spaces are available for hire for shooting music videos or any kind of event. Let us know what you need.

Audio Restoration

We have the top notch softwares and technique to restore any kind of audio files, tapes, vinyl to the digital world. Digitizing your memories will stay with you forever!

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